Donation to Belgrade Red Cross

The Bogovadja project is just one of our donations to Belgrade Red Cross. Other activities included lectures to volunteers.

The "Bogovadja" Belgrade Red Cross resort

The Bogovadja project was made due to a need to present the Belgrade Red Cross resort in Bogovadja in a modern and attractive way.

We used the following communication channels:
- printed, in the form of a two-sided brochure,
- web presentation,
- direct contact with users,
- travel agencies.

Having analyzed the current situation we concluded that it was impossible to use the existing material. A preliminary design was made.
Upon adoption of the design and in coordination with Belgrade Red Cross, our team captured photos and video material in the field, in the beautiful environment of the resort.

The photos were used for elaboration of the brochure and web presentation.
Video material was used for production of promotional videos and web presentation.
We made 6 videos in total, each of them with a different topic. They were distributed on a DVD disc and located on the web presentation by means of YouTube video service.
We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the resort employees and the children who took part in this project.

As an illustration of our creative skills you can see the material before and after our intervention.  (see the presentation here)



VHS video

Author of video material: Srđan Janevski
Author of photos and design: Vladimir Nikitović