For the needs of our clients we developed shops adapted to their requirements. All our shops are based on our CMS being extended with new technologies. By using rented servers configured for the needs of e-shops, we can offer a complete solution and guarantee smooth and fast operation. The application is programmed and configured according to your requirements. The advantages over other solutions are that this application is created entirely pursuant to your requirements.

Some of the options

  • Unlimited number of articles, queries on database, groups of products, manufacturers.
  • Automated registration of users, activation, elaboration of documents: offers, receipts, payment slips and their printing
  • Grouping, sorting, filtering, search of articles
  • Options of payment from account, integration with bank card processors
  • Optional integration with business database
  • There is no need for maintenance, you will receive all tools for independent management of the entire shop contents

Technologies and tools used in development

  • Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript