Orion Telekom


Orion Telekom was established in Belgrade in 2010 by merging of three leading Internet providers in Serbia: Media Works (the largest wireless provider in Serbia), Neobee.net (the largest Internet provider in Vojvodina) and SezamPro (the largest independent ADSL provider in Serbia).

Orion Telekom is financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as well as by the largest European hedge funds that recognized the potential in development of telecommunication market in Serbia and the Western Balkans.

The Company is focused on acquisitions, integration and development of alternative communication resources aiming at delivery of the best quality service of fixed telephony and Internet connection for individual and business users. 

Cooperation with Orion Telekom

For a long time we had been looking for a partner in our market who would comply with the standards we had set for our web presentations. The first condition was to have Windows Server as the hosting platform. The second requirement was to have the hardware of impeccable quality in a state of the art data center. Orion Telekom was the only one who satisfied all these requirements. No other company we had cooperated with was not even close to Orion Telekom from the technical, organizational or supportive aspect. We no longer have to worry about the hardware and maintenance, everything functions perfectly and we have more time for development of our applications.

Partnership with Telekom provides a complete offer to our buyers with the same or more favorable conditions than directly with Orion Telekom.


The basic service we use and which includes presentations of our buyers is Windows hosting. Depending on the presentation size, buyers use: Mikro, Plus or Webmaster packages. For the most advanced users we rent VPS or physical servers.

Completed project: Web presentations and applications


Sending SMS messages is a very attractive service of Orion Telekom. Messages can be sent from users accounts or through messaging software. We have developed modules for applications enabling automatic sending of messages to users. Sending is automated and users do not waste their time in sending individual messages.

Completed project: Shool project

The system of sending SMS messages was implemented with school grade books, where from messages are sent to parents based on the data entered in the teachers grade book.