Perfect Scout

Internet service for scouting basketball teams and players


The entire project is realized as an internet service, where materials are received and reports are distributed to users. Data on teams are stored on the Internet service accessible to the report user. Based on the information submitted by the user, the coach and his staff make an analysis of the team and create a report. The report submitted to the user is a video recording accompanied by a text document.



Characteristics of our service are:

  • uncompromising quality,
  • precision and dedication of our coaches,
  • work efficiency,
  • on-line availability,
  • reliability and quality of information,
  • the price representing a significant saving as compared to employment of coaches.

What does our analysis include

Every our analysis is made by a basketball professional, basketball couch trained for scouting according to our work methodology. On the basis of the received material, we analyze the team playing in offense, defense and the players’ individual characteristics.

The final product consists of:

video file lasting from 30-35 minutes
written file including 15-20 pages.

Reports are delivered electronically, downloading from your User account.

Free scouting report

You can download the report of the complete scouting of the National team of Spain from the Olympic Games 2012 if you register.
Upon registration, the first service in the user panel is DEMO, where the complete report is.
In this example you can see an expert and technical realization of a scouting.


Modern scouting is a combination of knowledge coach and the latest technology. The basis of Internet service is a team of coaches, but this mode of operation, speed and precision can not be achieved without appropriate technology.
The software that runs the service developed a programming company Ti Computers Solutions from Belgrade. Using the most advanced Internet solutions and the concept of the "cloud", created a service that is available all over the world in top quality. For partner company whose technology is used, elected Microsoft Windows Azure platform. This solution enables a complete exchange of material from the receipt of the material, the video conversion and distribution done on the internet without hiring additional resources and services.