Managing web content

Content management presentations (CMS) is the standard model of modern Web sites.

Model where the program code is on the server and the data in the database is also on the server and accessed via the internet is the present and the future of Web sites. This model allows a maintenance free system. It is possible that users with only basic computer knowledge, can not fully edit the presentation. These lead to reduced costs and speed up publishing and thus improve the quality of the presentation.


The basic idea has led us in the creation of this tool is that the data is entered once and displayed in several places in the presentation. This allows for faster creation of presentations and ease of maintenance during operation of the user.


CMS allows users to manage all data stored on the internet website and localized in different languages. The user interface is accessed via the Internet user name and password.

The main features for CMS

  • multilingual presentation
  • add, edit and delete elements in sitemap
  • add, edit and delete page structure and display
  • add, edit and delete pages presentation
  • add, edit and delete collections, albums and photos in photo gallery
  • add, edit and delete news
  • add, edit and delete elements of animation on the front page
  • add, edit and delete data for SEO optimization
  • add, edit and delete user tools and their level of access
  • recording activity and log

Advanced features CMS

For customers with special requirements related to the content and functionality of the web site, CMS is further programmed. Advances CMS has all the advantages that characterize basic, such as: the ease and speed of operation and complete adaptation to user needs.

Example of presentation with advanced CMS

Completed project: World Centre of Real Aikido

Keeping records of the member states, clubs, masters, their titles, seminars and articles.

Completed project: East-West Bridge

Keeping records of members, different levels of membership and structure, and the press releases that appear on the cover aggregate

The integration of social media networks

As we said our CMS is very flexible and extensible. The fact that the work of our developers, we know it, "the soul", is an advantage over the ready-made solutions. Almost unlimited opportunities to expand and improve, it all depends on your needs and requirements.

We have enabled various types of integration with social networks. From the simple to connect and view profiles and links to the complete integration with our CMS.

Supported social networks

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • and others that have the possibility of integration

Example of integration

Completed project: Kovačić & Spaić

Integration with Twitter. When a user in the CMS publishes new stories and newsletter, automatically, with no additional user actions sent a tweet to social network. Users do not need any additional knowledge for performing actions like before integration until all the steps are performed by automated